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About Us

Wide experience in delivering high technology wireless solutions ...

We offer a range of standard solutions specifically designed to meet challenging wireless applications. We can also customise these solutions to match your needs and even develop completely new solutions to meet your specific requirements.


The depth and breadth of expertise in development management, project management and systems supply enables pro-Solve International to deliver technically advanced turnkey solutions tailored to specific requirements. Standard solutions are also available for surveillance, remote sensing and broadband satellite communications systems which can be customised when required. Consultancy services can be supplied for system analysis, trials, validation of supplied systems and many other forms of wireless technical support.


The pro-Solve International team and its many associates have very comprehensive expertise in wireless technology. Capability covers the whole technology cycle from requirements apture, system design, implementation and/or technology acquisition and system delivery. The team have a track record of post delivery customer support. We have experience in the following standards and technologies:

  • GSM, UMTS and LTE
  • CDMA2000
  • Satellite


If you require solutions for any of the following applications of wireless technology please contact us to learn what pro-Solve International can do to solve your problems.

  • Tactical and strategic surveillance
  • Cellular interception and jamming
  • Counter surveillance measures
  • TETRA consultancy and support services