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Acquiring the system is just the beginning ...

Our mission is to be a global leader in customer service, through the technology cycle from requirements capture to delivery and subsequent in-field support. A solution purchase is the beginning of a relationship whereby we are committed to ensuring enhancements are delivered when you need them and that your system is kept up to date with the latest revisions. To this end pro-Solve International provides:

  • Global support facilities which minimise downtime and
  • A range of support products that ensure your product/system is maintained to the latest revision

We believe in total-life support and that it is an integral part of the solution and should be considered at the time of acquisition. Therefore, during the requirements capture phase of the order we will discuss your specific application and recommend an appropriate total-life support solution.

Our range of support products is dependent on the type of solution and your particular requirements but options available include:

  • Training packages, either on site or at a support centre. Dependent on the product and requirement this can be scaled to cover users or your own support engineers in first line maintenance
  • Application support, either on-site or via a support centre
  • Software support, ensuring the latest revisions are available and where applicable, that your product is easily updated via a download
  • Hardware support, either on site, at our service centres or via the provision of a module spares package